Affiliate Marketer – Explained

What is an Affiliate Marketer?

Conventional Shopping

Sure you heard of an Affiliate Marketer, but you still do not totally understand what it is.

I will explain it in easy simple terms.We all visit a store, supermarket or malls, here we do conventional shopping, were by we make a purchase, pay cash or with a card, we are handed the goods immediately and we take it with us, there is no middle man between us and the retailer.

Online Shopping

Many conventional retailers took their business online, where we can buy most anything by visiting an online store, performing a purchase, pay online via an acceptable payment method, but the item now has to be shipped to you, to an address provided by you.

Depending on where you live as opposed to where you purchased online, your goods will arrive within a few days.

This form of online shopping is convenient and can save money, such as travelling costs and parking, not to mention stress and inconvenience,  additionally, online stores are generally cheaper because their overheads are lower, using less staff with smaller premises, the list goes on.

These savings are passed on to us the online shopper.

An Affiliate Marketer

Now immagine a person that recommends these online stores, shows you the products they have on offer, connecting you with the online seller. The seller gives this person a percentage of each sale recommended by them, This is an Affiliate Marketer.

We are all marketers, but not all or us are rewarded for our recommendations, this is what Affiliate Marketing is all about, getting paid to recommend a product, service or store.

Join me here again soon and I will explain how you can become an Affiliate Marketer.

How to become an Affiliate Marketer

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